AI Use Case Review in 3 steps – Your key to a successful AI project

CHF 280.00

We will review your use case description on the completeness, definition, feasibility, and impact.



The benefits of having your AI use case reviewed

  • Higher chances of selling your use case to management
  • More confidence in your use case
  • A well-defined use case that is ready to go
  • Avoiding pitfalls and increasing chances of success

Before you submit your AI use case

  • Check the following blogpost on three questions towards a successful data science project
  • Or this blogpost on four key messages when explaining AI use cases to management
  • Create your document in the way you would use it for your internal preparation
  • Write down any open questions you may have about your use case

The three steps of the review of your AI use case

  • You will share your AI use case description in PowerPoint or PDF of up to 10 pages
  • We will review your AI use case and provide you with a one-page document with feedback
  • Half our discussion via Zoom or Microsoft Teams to clarify any open questions

How we review your AI use case

  • Based on our in-depth understanding of AI and Machine learning
    • We will ensure the definition of your model is clear
    • We define your target variable
  • Based on years of experience in medium and large corporates
    • We focus not only on the technical part, stakeholder management, and end-user adoption is part of it too
  • Based on proven methodologies
    • That we have taught at universities and in-house at corporates

How it works

  • You can buy the product through the store
  • You will receive an email with the request to provide your documentation and a link to book your slot
  • You will receive the feedback within 1-week