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Frequently appearing in media outlets, serving as a guest on numerous podcasts, and engaging as a public speaker, I’ve become a recognized voice in the AI and data science community. I’m often sought out as a trainer for analytics translation and facilitator for strategy workshops due to my ability to communicate complex ideas in an accessible manner. As a visionary thinker, I habitually consider the landscape a few years ahead, providing me with a unique perspective on the future developments in our field.


Workshops | Education | Consulting | Online Courses | Thought Leadership

AI for Board of Directors

Specialized sessions designed exclusively for Boards of Directors. These sessions are thoughtfully crafted to offer an inspirational keynote that highlights the transformative potential of AI and its strategic significance in the modern business landscape. During this session, you will gain valuable insights into the essentials of AI for board members and understand the why behind it.

AI for Executive Boards

We will dive into a hands-on workshop dedicated to identifying and shaping your organization's unique vision for AI. This interactive workshop will not only help in crystallizing your AI strategy but will also define concrete next steps that your organization can immediately start implementing. By the end of our session, you will have a clear roadmap for integrating AI into your strategic planning and an actionable plan to commence your journey.

Speaking Engagements

As an expert in the field, I am frequently invited to speak on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. My presentations, often appreciated for their practical insights and accessibility, cater to a diverse range of audiences from industry professionals to curious learners. My expertise in AI, combined with a knack for engaging and motivating my audience, has made me a sought-after speaker for conferences, workshops, and educational events.

Analytics Translator Training

Learn how to successfully identify, develop, and execute AI use cases in your organization. Thanks to this training, you will be able to drive the development of AI solutions that match business needs and add value to your organization. In collaboration with Xebia Data.

HWZ CAS AI Management

Artificial Intelligence, a current reality, will gain increased strategic significance in future years. To remain competitive, companies need a clear strategy for leveraging data, analytics, and machine learning.

HWZ CAS AI Transformation

Your company has already embarked on the journey towards AI. The initial initiatives have been implemented and have started to create value. Now that scaling AI in your company poses a challenge, questions arise such as how to handle legacy systems, train employees, and establish a suitable governance structure. The CAS AI Transformation deals with the question of how you can prepare for the scaling of AI.

Consulting & Coaching

I work closely with executives, data scientists, and analytics translators, helping them to develop a clear AI strategy, construct use-case roadmaps, and identify the impact of these strategies on the workforce.

In the Media

Succes Factors for Adoption of AI in your Organization

Published on Swiss Insights in November 2021

Handelszeitung Podcast

Keine Ahnung von Artificial Intelligence? Dann sind Sie hier richtig!

So geht künstliche Intelligenz für KMU

Published in Handelszeitung in October 2021.

The Data & AI Maturity Journey Panel Discussion

Panel discussion at the Applied Machine Learning days 2022.

Ready for AI?

Machine Learning ist die Grundlage für rasante technologische Evolution. Die Frage stellt sich, sind Firmen überhaupt bereit für die Evolution? Keynote and Paneldiscussion in 2022.

KI für KMU: eine Anleitung in Zehn Schritten

Published in KMU Rundschau in April 2021

Risiken, Ängste, Chancen und Nutzen für KMU

Published in Polyscope in April 2021.

The Impact of Leadership on Generating Business Value with AI

Talk at the Applied Machine Learning days in January 2020.

white wooden rack

KI ist viel mehr als nur Nebeneffekt

Die Framework-Autoren Afke Schouten und Peter Metzinger zeigen in einer Forschungsarbeit auf, mit welchem Framework künstliche Intelligenz erfolgreich in Unternehmen eingeführt werden kann.

ChatGPT – was steckt hinter dem neuen KI-Hype?

ChatGPT – ein Chatbot, der gerade in der Tech-Szene viel Aufmerksamkeit auf sich zieht. Doch was steckt hinter diesem Hype?

Jeder muss sich überlegen, was KI für den Job bedeutet

Published in Handelszeitung in April 2023.

AI For Executives - Podcast

Published on YouTube in February 2023.

There is much more behind the adoption of AI than just the “Tech”

Published on Swiss Association for MBAs in December 2022.

ChatGPT sessista?

Interview with Swiss Radio RSI in January 2023.


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