Connecting Business and Data Science

I focus on building bridges between the world
of business and the world of data science


I have hands-on data science experience. I navigated my way through business as a management consultant. I’ve built an analytics team from scratch. I know what it takes to generate business value with AI. My background gives me the unique position of understanding both sides of the river, and knowing how to build an AI Bridge.


Education | Consulting | Online Courses | Thought Leadership

HWZ CAS AI Management

At the HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Zurich I am the head of program for the certificate of advance studies in AI Management. For everyone who wants to understand what AI is, what applications exist, how to build an organization, and how to run projects.

HWZ CAS AI Operations

In September 2021, this new course is launched. This is for everyone who is interested in the next level of maturity. Central in this course is the following three questions. How to organize for scale? How to build products that create value? and how to maintain operational AI?

Use Case Review

I review your use case definition for free. All you need to do is send me an email. Then I will ask you to provide me your canvas or presentation where you define your use case. I will give you back a list of questions, suggestions for improvement, and risks to mitigate. The catch - I only do 2 per month.

Analytics Translator Training

Learn how to successfully identify, develop, and execute AI use cases in your organization. Thanks to this training, you will be able to drive the development of AI solutions that match business needs and add value to your organization. In collaboration with GoDataDriven .

Consulting & Coaching

Coaching and consulting for executives, data scientists, and analytics translators. You formulate the problem and together we will find a solution. I share my network and knowledge.

Lunch & Learn

Want a short and sweet introduction to the topic of AI in business? I give (virtual) lunch & learn sessions about AI, use cases, and key success factors for the adoption in organizations.


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“I have worked with Afke to generate AI Use Cases for Finance & Controlling of an SME (manufacturing Industry). The lean, structured process and the ability of Afke to ask the right questions were detrimental to successfully generate a large number of Use Cases. It did not stop there, as she also delivered clear guidance for next steps. If you do not know where to start with AI, I can strongly recommend to talk to Afke.”

" I am on a mission to help companies generate true business value with AI "